Who’s thelazygeographer?

Selfie Machu Picchu

Yes, the cap-wearing person trying to smile it’s me. My name is Andrea Sarti and I like to consider myself a curious traveler who by chance started writing and blogging.

I have always worked between the world of tourism and the digital one. I manage the blog thelazygeographer.com and the Instagram pga @thelazygeographer where I talk about travel (despite the pandemic) and books (those of others and now also mine). My first publication on Amazon (come (non) fare soldi online) was born from an idea I had watching a Tik Tok video, the second is a novel about a trip I took a few years ago (I ragazzi ci sono).

The third (In una notte così) is another novel that mixes present and past, ancient Inca myths and today’s archeological mysteries.

My interests are many, curiosity a lot and the only rule I have given myself is “talk about something you know well or have experienced directly”.

I’m more than willing to discuss any travel/book-related projects. You can contact me at:


Pura Vida!